Me Before You

By Jojo Moyes

Me Before You tells the story of the quirky Louisa Clark, who unfortunately lost her job and is seeking a new one. This is how she crosses paths with Will Traynor, who devastatingly became paralysed after a motorcycle accident. He no longer feels the joy of living and goes through each day doing nothing but taking his medication. When Louisa enters his life as his new carer, she brings a new light to his life and the book covers how their relationship develops.

Moyes writing flows easily but also gives a lot of detail which helps you put yourself into the story and relate towards how the characters feel and what they are experiencing. It’s mainly written in Louisa’s point of view, with some others when needed, which brings the reader closer to her character and makes it more emotional as she experiences the different parts of her journey. The story addresses many problems that most people would look over or not really imagine would be a problem, which I think brings a new light towards these circumstances.