What's Happening at the Library?


Glenwood Library's Reduced Hours and "Safe" Policies

Open hours: Mondays 10-3, Thursdays 10-2 & 6-8, Saturdays 10-2

5 people total in the building at a time. Exception for families, in which case, one family at a time.

Masks will be required for patrons and volunteers. If you do not have a mask, you can either have curbside service or we will provide a  mask for you.

We will keep the front and back doors open and recommend hand sanitizing upon entering.

Two computers stations spaced 6 feet apart will be open with a 30 minute limit if someone is waiting.

We will continue to do roadside service for those who would rather not come into the building.

As always, our fast speed internet is available from outside the building 24-7.

Hope to see you soon!

Glenwood Library is very excited to present The Fine Art of Glenwood, New Mexico 2021 calendar featuring the talents of local artists Colby Allred, Rose and Duane Bush, Kristen Johnson, Rebecca Kerr, Donnah McKeen, Vicki Moore, Lynn Neidermayer, Zane Palmer, Sharon Stewart, Cresta Terrell, Judy Truett, Jude Wasechek, and Frankie Webb. 

Calendars are available for purchase at the Alma Store, the Glenwood Trading Post, Catwalk Gallery, Saturday Morning Market, and at Glenwood Community Library, Each calendar is only $10. Buy one for yourself, as well as Christmas gifts for others! Thank you for supporting Glenwood Community Library with your calendar purchase!