about_riverNestled along the tranquil San Francisco River in southwest New Mexico, along Highway 180, Glenwood lies on the western edge of one of the largest wilderness area in America — the Gila. Glenwood is the perfect place to relax, take in some spectacular scenery, enjoy a great meal, visit unique gift shops, plus meet some friendly locals.

Plenty of history here, too. Billy the Kid and the Wild Bunch resided in these parts. So did the Apaches. Visit the old grave site of Cooney — the Calvary officer who started the mining town of Cooney. Gernomino was born just to the east of Glenwood on the headwaters of the Gila.


Walk the famous Catwalk — a narrow, curving canyon where miners from the late 1800s laid a waterpipe stretching some 2 miles to an old mining operation. A beautiful mile hike takes you through a wooded canyon with cascading waterfalls and giant boulders. A wonderful New Mexico wilderness adventure.

Take a short drive up into the mountains and spend an afternoon walking the streets of the ghost town about_mogollonMogollon. The old Mogollon hotel greets you upon arrival. Relive America's late 1800s mining history. The Mogollon museum provides great information and artifacts. 

Glenwood . . .
plenty to see, plenty to do —
A magical experience you will never forget.